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Autumn Essentials

October 10, 2015

As the days are getting shorter and the renowned English weather has cropped up once again, I feel inclined to share my 4 necessities for making it through this season. I always look forward to this time of year as there’s just something I love about cosy nights spent wrapped up in a  blanket, beautiful autumnal hues and of course, the fact that Christmas is slowly approaching!

 Without further ado, here’s my 4 Autumn Essentials..

  1. Chunky Knitted Sweater – obviously this had to be first on the list; it’s an Autumn staple! If you asked me what my favourite item of clothing is, this would be it. I love me a great woolly jumper, they just make me feel so warm and cuddly. You can’t go wrong with a thick-knit oversized sweater, or perhaps a classic fitted one, but it seems to me the turtleneck is making a comeback…whichever style you prefer, it’s vital to have a few of these in your wardrobe for the season.
  2. Dark Eyeshadow Palette – this is really an essential for me at any time of the year, but in Autumn I find myself using darker shades much more often. My latest everyday makeup look has consisted of a brown smokey eye with a rose-brown, nude lipstick. I like to choose colours that mimic the colours of autumn; dark berry tones, rich browns and earthy greys. However, if I’m in the mood to mix it up slightly, I’ll add some gold or bronze shadow on the inner half of my eye. For a bolder statement, you could always work a Burgundy lip instead. *Details of what products I use are listed below~
  3. Boots – let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of sneakers when it starts pouring down with rain at midday, and eventually your feet are drenched from accidentally stepping in an invisible puddle! It’s possible that I’m only one who’s experienced this before… nevertheless, to prevent such an incident from happening, I suggest you get a slick pair of boots. I have a pair of Dr Marten lace ups for practical reasons, but my chelsea boots definitely dress up any jean-tee combo.
  4. Hand Cream/Moisturiser – I know this is slightly less exciting than the rest of them but I can’t emphasise how much I rely on it during the colder months. I suggest the hand cream from L’Occitane (details below) – it smells amazing and leaves your hand feeling silky soft after application – but of course you can use the one you like best.  If you’re forgetful like me, I suggest you pop an extra tube in your bag as a little reminder every time you see it to put some on.

Products featured in this photo: Eyeshadow Palette (Burgundy Times Nine) – MAC Cosmetics, Revolution Lipstick (Liar) – Urban Decay, Hand Cream (Cherry Blossom) – L’Occitane *All photographs in this post are taken on my Fujifilm X-A2 camera*

You’ll notice I’ve kept this list beauty and fashion-based. But of course, an umbrella is also highly recommended, along with limitless mugs of pumpkin-spiced latte!

Rae x

Dewy Skin

August 16, 2015

As the end of summer is drawing near, I thought I would squeeze in the opportunity to share with you my most recent makeup obsession. I purchased a compact of MAC’s mineralise skinfinish (in soft & gentle) on a whim earlier this summer and I haven’t gone a day since without giving my face a light dusting of the stuff. I have always favoured the dewy, natural-glow as opposed to the matt base, and I must admit, this golden highlight takes that to a whole new level. I am smitten!

Taken on my Canon IXUS 240 hs

Taken on my Canon IXUS 240 HS:
Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle – MAC Cosmetics
Cheekbone Blush Brush – Sephora

I like how such a small amount of highlighter can transform and add an extra dimension to your complexion. Once you’ve applied your foundation, a gentle swipe across the top of your cheekbone, down the bridge of your nose and a quick tap on your chin and cupid’s bow is all you need to achieve a gorgeous, natural, iridescent effect on your skin – perfect for the final days of summer indulgence!

A little tip: I recommend using a small face/blush brush for application as you have more precision and control over where the product sits.

If you’d like to see other makeup looks that I seek inspiration from, take a look at my Hair & Makeup board on my Pinterest account ~ just click the Pinterest icon in the sidebar!

Rae x